iShA » weird
Gordon » Hotgurlie69? Licks my ballsack.
hotgurlie69 » u suck motherfucker haha. get a life and stop writing so much
Gordon » mom you better like my blog, or I'll throw popcorn at you.
Gordon » OH my god, you are my hero Amelia, when are we getting ice cream in the city?
Amelia » i miss talking to you gordo
Gordon » Gimmie Kudos!
Gordon » Who are you people? u scaryyy yaya yay
tracy » hello swello.
Nick » Nice!!
beechy » hahahaha yea! you are awesome!!! be my friend? lol
IntoxicatedDelaRisse » Yo! Just blog hoppin!
matt » Wuz up
rwe » what
krissa » You need to go on another vacation, go somewhere warm for a month.
Gordon » Dont mind my spelling errors, just remember I'm hardly paying any attention.
Gordon is fing cool » I know you all love my blog, you are crazy too starry night, because I dont know you
starrynight » nice blog
Gordon » I hope you like my daily life shiznet. Its the same all the time
Gordon » Just Checking my blog?
behindblueyes » just checking out your blog. i dig it.
Grace » hi
Linda » haha
Gordon » Linda, you turnip
Linda » you are a dork
K.A. » By the way, you do have spelling errors on your page. I never realized your life was so boring, I feel sorry for you. ;^) jk. good luck in school 'n stuff.
Spook » WOahh, people I dont know are looking at my blog
Aeon » can someone check out mine its aeon-scourge
Aeon » nice blog
Venka » Hey there ...just peaked in nice bloggie!
Spook » just a little nucca in a big nucca world
CA27 » You have a blog!
Gordon » TAN
Q. » your butt is white
Gordon » oh, if there are spelling errors, I dont care. kiss my buttocks.
Gordon » Hello hello hello